Mission: To help connect great business owners and content creators to the people they went into business for.


85% of Pinterest users report coming to Pinterest before they start a new project.

95% of pinners report trying something new on Pinterest.

89% of Pinners go to Pinterest for buying inspiration.


Hi, my name is Nia McCrary and I am a Pinterest strategist and manager. I am proficient at driving traffic and engagement to your website, increasing brand awareness, lead generation, and growth all through the powerful platform of Pinterest. 

I remember when I decided to launch my online course, I was so excited, but that quickly turned into frustration when I could not even produce one sale, despite advertising on Facebook like a mad man. 

I previously used Pinterest but for personal use, then I decided to use it for business as well. Once I combined my knowledge of the Pinterest culture with marketing strategies together I finally started to see sales. 

I was able to reach the people who I actually went into business for. 

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